I would like to offer the opportunity for any organisations or private individuals to advertise their products and services on my website. Your products or services must be in line with the ethos of the HaseebBlindIronman brand.Any advertising will need to be approved by myself and my team.

Website Stats

The website was made available to the public online 24th July. With the main website launch on the 28th August 2017. As you can see from the stats below we're getting a good amount of traffic so far. The traffic we recieve is mainly from social media and organic google searches. The next step for us is carry to out regular marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website.

Each month we'll update the statsistics to show current traffic levels for the website. This will give you an idea on potential clicks on your banner ad.

The statistics below show 1st September:

The statistics below are between 1st August to 31st August:

The below image is an example of how your banner advert could look:

The current price to place a banner advert at the bottom of each page, as shown in the preview image above, is £29.00 per month. If paying for 3 months in advance it's £25.00 a month.

Contact me today using the contact me page at the top.