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  • Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon and everything else

    Posted on Tuesday 4th June, 2019

    My marathon journey this year started at the back end of 2018 when I had already received my rejection email from London marathon. Like thousands of others who were disappointed rather than trying to get…

  • Ashby 20 Race Report

    Posted on Wednesday 3rd April, 2019

    I was really keen to get this race under my belt not least of all because I hadn’t really completed a 20 mile training run and if truth be known really tested myself at race…

  • Disabled Changing Rooms, Ankles and Sex Education

    Posted on Monday 28th January, 2019

    Now I have your attention blogsters, I thought I would give my friends, family and any other cool person who reads this blog an update on the latest happenings in my simple but full on…

  • Wollaton Park Cross Country 2019 Race Report

    Posted on Monday 14th January, 2019

    These days I have to be inspired and motivated to sit at my PC and start typing. My desk job requires me to be constantly writing emails, reports or listening to work related documents. So,…

  • Looking Forward to a successful 2019

    Posted on Thursday 10th January, 2019

    It’s been a while since my last blog back in October where I reflected upon my 3rd Ironman distance race. I said that I would take a break from Ironman for at least 12 months…

  • Power of Diversity

    Posted on Monday 22nd October, 2018

    I first met Bushra Ali around two years ago. We had both been asked to speak at an event being run by the then Chief Executive of the Leicestershire Aids Support Service. Bushra was on…

  • Another go at the World Record Ironman Barcelona

    Posted on Tuesday 16th October, 2018

    It was a throw away comment I made to Mike Myers, a BTF coach, after the 2017 National Paratriathlon championships (which incidentally I won), “I’d have another pop at the World Record if I could…

  • Getting ready for my next World Record attempt

    Posted on Monday 24th September, 2018

    Well it’s been a good old slog to get to where I am today (23 September 2018). Only 2 more weeks to go until Ironman Barcelona where I go for breaking my own World Record as…

  • London Marathon 2018 – It takes two to tango

    Posted on Wednesday 25th April, 2018

    This was my 4th London marathon and one I was very much looking forward to. I had deferred my good for age 2017 entry due to a stress fracture of my left foot and it…

  • Great unexpected happenings at the Gloucester 20 Mile race

    Posted on Friday 6th April, 2018

    With some pretty ropey weather over the winter which continued far too long in to the spring period I was hoping for some favourable conditions for the Gloucester 20 Mile race on 25 March 2018….