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  • London Marathon 2018 – It takes two to tango

    Posted on Wednesday 25th April, 2018

    This was my 4th London marathon and one I was very much looking forward to. I had deferred my good for age 2017 entry due to a stress fracture of…

  • Great unexpected happenings at the Gloucester 20 Mile race

    Posted on Friday 6th April, 2018

    With some pretty ropey weather over the winter which continued far too long in to the spring period I was hoping for some favourable conditions for the Gloucester 20 Mile…

  • It’s flat and it’s fast but I didn’t get a PB – Eaton Dorney Half marathon RACE REPORT

    Posted on Wednesday 28th February, 2018

    Hi and welcome to another one of my rambling blogs. An attempt to keep those of you who are interested in my training and competitions, welfare and happiness entertained and…

  • 2nd Free Prize Draw Winner

    Posted on Thursday 22nd February, 2018

    Thanks for entering the 2nd Free Prize Draw! The winner and runner up have been chosen. The winner of the Sports bag, £10 Amazon Voucher and A copy of From…

  • I fall and then I get up and run

    Posted on Monday 29th January, 2018

    Every runner’s nightmare is tripping and falling and worst still getting an injury as a result. The chances of falling or running in to something are increased of course if…

  • Video of my Blind Driving Experience

    Posted on Wednesday 10th January, 2018

    I drove a Porsche back in November, you can read the blog here. Check out the video below.

  • 2017 in numbers

    Posted on Tuesday 9th January, 2018

    I thought it would be interesting to gather up some stats since the website launched. *Website Launched in July 2017. Users: 2,952 Total pageviews: 11,884 NUmber of different nationalities: 29…

  • Injuries, gas leaks and world records

    Posted on Monday 11th December, 2017

    The last 3 months have been eventful to say the least. Never a dull moment in my life. Many will know that I changed my job at the beginning of…

  • My amazing blind driving experience

    Posted on Monday 20th November, 2017

    I’ve always wanted to get behind a wheel of a car and, know what it would be like to drive. Growing up I was always interested in cars having several…

  • Barcelona Ironman 2018… I’m in!

    Posted on Wednesday 11th October, 2017

    Well it’s always pretty exciting when you sign up to an epic race as I did yesterday (8th October 2017). Exciting and daunting at the same time. I know what…